Art is not a treat.

Let’s promise each other that we will stop treating art making as a reward-something we “get” to do when all the other work of the day and our lives is done.  It should be part and parcel of the work of our days.  It should infuse our every move.  It should not be a source of shame and guilt.  Aren’t there already enough sources for that?  Why add not making art to the mix?  This transforms art from a source of joy, fun, relaxation and expression into a source of angst, worry, and excessive hand-wringing.   Can we find a bigger stick to beat ourselves up with?

Why do we do this?  I know that for me art making often becomes the last thing to get to, when all the other tasks and chores are done.  “If I have time” becomes a constant refrain.  Yet we make time for so many other things.  What if we reframe art making and think of it as something that feeds us instead of thinking of it as yet another drain on our time?

My New Year’s resolution is to make art every day.  Big Art, Little Art, remember that it all counts.  I am going to keep a journal where I make an image, put together a collage, jot down some ideas or otherwise engage in the creative challenge.  Care to join me and compare notes?


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  1. hannah
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 06:44:52

    Jen, Truer words could not be spoken.
    I’ve just made my list for today (before work!) and the studio comes in 2nd to last. Perhaps because it’s 2 days before Christmas and although I’m Jewish, some of my family is not. Or perhaps it’s because I work at a Chihldren’s Hospital. But, as you say, there is always a reason. So , today, I’ll head up there before the 4 other items on my list. Thanks so much–Hannah


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