Giving yourself the gift of art making

I strongly believe in giving myself gifts.  Not to say that I spend oodles of money on this, rather that I give myself the gifts of rest, good food, time with friends, and pursuit of pleasurable activities.  On a warm summer afternoon, I might give myself the gift of finishing off the stack of books piling up on my nightstand.  On a snowy winter day, not unlike today, I am giving myself the gift of time to focus on art making.  The whole day spreads before me and I intend to use most of it to start a new altered book.

Do you give yourself gifts?  A reward for all of your work and dedication to others?  If you wait to receive the perfect gift, you could be waiting a very long time.  So why not give it to yourself?  It’s a win-win.  You get exactly what you want when you want it.

Personal art making is the perfect gift.  You can feed yourself with the multiple rewards that come with engaging in the creative process.  You get some instant gratification, which doesn’t come along all that often in this life.  You have a tangible product in your hands that you can admire, reflect upon, display, or give as a gift.   And best of all, you just feel better.

Give yourself the gift of art making today.  Carve out some time from the hubbub of the holidays to engage in a reflective process and feed yourself.  You deserve it.


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