Going with the flow

Oh I had plans.  Big Plans.  And a full head of steam to boot.  But somewhere between the holidays, the weather and the end of the semester the steam dissipated.   I can only languish in this fog for so long before becoming very irritated with myself.  Today’s focus will be on getting my head back together and diving back into my art work.

I knew when I set myself the challenge of making art every day that it truly would be a challenge.  My energy and spirits take a serious dip in the winter months and I knew I would have to really push myself to fulfill my commitment to myself of daily art making.  Some gentleness with myself is in order.  I did accomplish a few art related things this week.

A group I belong to worked on writing six word memoirs a few weeks ago and this week we created pins incorporating the text we had written.  The pins are made from dominoes and were inspired by Cathy Malchiodi and Gretchen Miller.  They are a lot of fun to make!  It’s such a tiny canvas to work on and it’s easy to create a very satisfying design in a short amount of time.   I also painted several silk scarves at work that are sold in various venues to raise money for patient activities.

All is not lost.  Despite my lack of energy, I managed to complete some art tasks and some life tasks.  It is natural for energy to ebb and flow, I just have to get more comfortable with the ebbs.  I run at such a high speed all the time and when I feel slowed down I get very frustrated.  It has taken me a long time to accept that there will be times when I get less done and that there is not any deeper meaning to it.  I am tired, so what?  Rest, relax, lean into it.  The flow will return.


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