I am really enjoying working in series right now. I am making 8-10 dominoes at a time and working on an altered book series made from a set of encyclopedias. There is something about moving back and forth from one canvas to the next that is really energizing. Instead of getting bogged down in one image, I just keep moving from one to the next. As soon as I get stuck on a page, I move to another one.  ADD or neat art trick?

Being the introspective sort, I can’t help but wonder what it means that it is so much easier to work on several things at a time. I always have multiple irons in the fire and that seems to energize rather than deplete me. I admit that I get bored easily.  I must have a project, or as is more often the case, multiple  projects in order to keep my creative mind engaged. Yes, I have laid awake at night wondering what color to paint the breakfast nook.  Somehow there is a synergy that happens when I have many projects or many images to complete. Each one feeds the next with rich results.

Do you work better with one task to focus on?  Some people get their best results when there is a clear task, with a designated start and finish.  Others are comfortable with having multiple starts and stops.  Neither way is better than the other, it’s just a function of how our brain and attention work.  Perhaps I will try to focus on just one thing and see how that feels.  I know which way is easier for me, but maybe another way will produce a different result. How do you get your best work done? How did you arrive at this? What would happen if you tried another way?


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  1. hannah
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 06:26:00


    I like this issue and I’ve spent some time thinking about it for myself. I flourish when I have more than one piece in the works. Although I tend to focus on one project for varying lengths of time (a day, a week or a month even), the others are there on the studio walls and, it often seems as if the pieces speak to each other. When I’m stuck, I can move to another art work and that simple action seems to free up my my mind and hands to find the answer to the first one.


  2. Rebecca
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 15:07:46

    I’m enjoying reading your posts, but I’m dying for images and photos! If you can, and are willing, would love to see your art! – rebecca


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