It’s official. I am obsessed with making domino pins. I just bought a huge box of Mexican Train dominoes and am heading out to pick up some alcohol inks. These dominoes are slightly wider and thinner than regular dominoes. I also saw some curved dominoes for a game called Bendomino and these could well be my next adventure.

I think this qualifies as an addiction. I can’t stop thinking about it and how I will get more of it. I  spend all of my free time doing it. I have never used alcohol inks before but I am already in love with their potential. They practically melt into the surface of the domino and create a wonderful marbled effect.

Despite my earlier hesitation about selling my work, I am going to move forward with opening an Etsy shop.  I have already saturated the local market of friends and co-workers and I have so many pins to sell! Making them is  still fun and making money off of it is pretty fun too, so I am going to pursue online sales.

I love the feeling of being passionate about an art project. It energizes and focuses me. There is no question of what art I will make today-I must hurry home and work on dominoes!  What is your current passion? What does it take for you to become engrossed in an art project? How does it feed your spirit (and possibly your wallet)? I am interested in hearing from others about what you are working on and/or what the obstacles are to becoming fully involved in a project. Warm wishes as you pursue your passion!


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  1. Cathy Malchiodi, PhD
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 06:14:13

    Okay, now you are officially making me feel like a closet domino addict in need of domino-making fix! 🙂 I have to get all this paperwork off my desk so I can get to the studio!


  2. Elizabeth
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 06:48:58

    Most of my creative energy goes into cooking and theatre.

    My eldest sister requested a multi-course (I’m thinking six–last one was 14 and that was too many) tasting menu for her birthday in late March, so I’m pondering what I want to do for that. I have found cooking to be incredibly therapeutic in the past few months, but also for me to be focusing on comfort food: really awesome cottage pie, creamy roasted tomato soup, better mashed potatoes, etc. When I’m cooking, I think about cooking, and that focus allows me to set aside all the other concerns and to feel both productive and creative in the same moment.

    In theatre, I need to be excited by a script. Right now I’m prepping to direct a staged reading of a really brilliant gem about the experiences of a Seattle EMT and getting very excited to share it with my actors. The other project I’m hoping to finish soon is an adaptation for the stage of Pride and Prejudice. Working with words, carving and adapting as I go, is deeply satisfying for me. And then the opportunity to involve other people in my project, to draw their talents into the finished performance, feeds my joy in community and in working together.

    What gets in the way? All the other things that I want to do that aren’t that, plus the demands of focus. It’s hard for me to work on the script, in particular, with less than a two-hour chunk of time. Although I can do related tasks in shorter bursts or while multi-tasking (e.g. emailing my tech director, thinking about the set while I fold laundry, etc.) actually working on the script requires a lack of distraction that’s difficult to achieve in a busy life full of preschooler.


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