Living an Artful Life

Making art every day: chronicling that goal was the objective of starting this blog. But, like many things in life, the objective and the goal have transformed.

I have never been one to fit easily into a box. It even turns out that I don’t fit into a box of my own creation. The box I created was to make art every day and to do so in a journal with a drawn or collaged image. I will be honest with you, that plan bit the dust some time ago.  But here is what I have done: created approximately 300 domino pins, started an etsy shop, maintained this blog, submitted a book proposal, helped create 150 silk scarves, guided my class and interns in making altered books, worked in my own altered book, and started making custom guitar picks.

It is time for me to reframe my goal for myself. Rather than dictate to myself the ways that  I will exercise my creative muscles (i.e. make an image every day), I am going to start asking myself a broader question. Did I live an artful life today? Did I do something, anything, to enliven my creative spirit? This week, this moment even, I am focused on getting all the silk items ready for a big sale this weekend.  What can I do each and every day to keep engaged in my personal art making? It seems apparent now that it is  not going to work for me to have a specific task that I complete every day. I should have seen that one coming because I know how important it is to me to have a wide variety of undertakings.

So, did you live an artful life today? What did you do today to feed your creative spirit? It does not have to be anything monumental. Remember the idea of making Little Art: pull out an art book or magazine, cut out some collage words, go on some websites, organize your materials, look at your past art work, do absolutely anything that immerses you in art.

Living an artful life does not require a studio or a big time commitment. It does require a desire to surround ourselves with creativity large and small and to pursue it in our daily lives. Whether you are an accomplished professional, a time-crunched graduate student, a working parent, or maybe even all of these things at once, think about the ways you can carve out a corner of creativity in your day. It will feed you on your journey.


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