Mothering your Creativity

It’s Mother’s Day and I am thinking of all the wonderful ways I have been mothered. Nurtured, supported, loved unconditionally, listened to, respected-being mothered is pretty wonderful actually. It all got me to thinking about birthing and mothering our own creativity.

Like a child, our creativity can be ornery, destructive, surprising, funny, and just a good companion in general. But it takes work to nurture our creativity. If it is not fed well and sheltered and encouraged, it will wither away. If it is treated poorly with unkind words, it will seek out nurture elsewhere. If it is honored and allowed to make mistakes and given room to have a bad day, it will blossom.

Treating our creativity as though it were a child may seem like an odd construct. But if we treat our creativity as the entity that it is, won’t we be much kinder to it? Gone are the statements such as “I don’t have time for you today,” “Other things in my life are more important than you right now”,” You have failed me,” and “You don’t exist.” Treating our creativity with the respect we would show our own child changes those statements into “I honor you,” “I will make time for  you,” “You are important to me,” and “Even when you struggle, I love you.”

Imagining our creativity as a companion on  our journey allows us to treat it with the care it deserves. I intend to honor my creativity today by working  on one of my altered books and making a page in it about my love for my mother. How can you honor your own creativity today and everyday?


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