Cultivating Energy

This probably happens to many of you too. I suffer a serious slowdown in the fall and winter months due to the decline in daylight. This is a big problem because the fall and winter months are my busiest work times. New interns, new classes, new projects sprouting up everywhere….not the optimal time to be crashing. Ah, how to conserve and cultivate energy in a time of hibernation?

I find this to be a time when self-care becomes my primary concern and focus. I don’t worry as much about little things, and I just try to take of my self by performing all the tasks of daily living. Making art is a priority as always and I try to get  in some little art every day, mostly by making art at work. Today I made some jewelry with clients in preparation for a big sale coming up in a few weeks. Earlier in the week I worked in an altered book. It is important to be gentle with myself right now. Energy is precious.

At times like this, I especially struggle with making art a priority every day. Luckily, I have opportunities at work to make art, but I can’t beat myself up about not getting a lot done in the studio right now. Better to rest. Conserve energy. Store up for the work ahead. Spring will be here soon.


Riding the Artistic High

Nothing like a huge learning curve to get the creative juices flowing! When I signed on to do the 6 Degrees of Creativity project, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I say that with love. I am coming out the other side of making my film and it has been quite a journey.

There were many challenges along the way. For starters, I don’t own a video camera. Lesley University was kind enough to loan me one for 6 days. Then I realized that the editing software that came with my computer was not quite up to snuff for what I needed to do, so I tracked down a better program and got that installed. A friend gave me a really nice computer but I have been unable to get the sound working (until yesterday!) so I was trying to edit without being able to hear anything. Not the easiest task I must say. I burned disc after disc so that I could try to finagle the sound. Yikes. Learning the software was another challenge, and I never did quite master the audio features even after I got the sound working on the computer. I spent two solid days filming, and ended up tossing half of it.

But I don’t mean to complain, because working on this project was a real gift in the end. About halfway through, when I got the audio more or less lined up with the video and made a halfway decent first cut, I finally got a sense of the finished product. And let me tell you, I was downright yahooing, fist-pumping, tears rolling down my face euphoric! I found the creative high-you know, the one you get when it all starts to come together. I compare it to a runner’s high, that endorphin rush you get when you have pushed your body to the max. This is what I keep coming back for, why I keep pushing on when I get stuck on a project-because I know the pieces will start to fall into place. This is that “trusting the process” concept that we art therapists love to talk about.

I also feel really great about being able to find solutions all along the  way. I  was the producer, director, actor, and editor of this film and I had to solve all kinds of technical, creative and artistic problems. This was not an easy undertaking but in the end I feel awesome about being able to conquer so many challenges and come out with a pretty decent film.

I hope you will join us in the 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops!

Register Now for 6 Degrees of Creativity!

I sure hope you will join me and my colleagues as we present this exciting and inspiring online workshop series! If you register through this link, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports my artistic endeavors. I hope you will come along for this artful journey!

Thanks for your support of this project!!!

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