I do not “do art.”

I was recently asked how I make time for my art. Posing the question this way makes art making sound about as interesting as doing laundry (to me anyway.) How do I make time for anything important in my life? Do I make time for loved ones, or do loved ones permeate my life and my activities? Do I make time for spirituality, or is it something that informs my thoughts and actions daily? Do I make time for love, or does it fill all the crevices of my heart?

When I think about my priorities, art falls right in there with loved ones, spirituality and love. So why do I need to “make time” for it? Shouldn’t it be part and parcel of everything I do? Since starting this blog almost a year ago, I have given a great deal of thought of how to incorporate more art into my life. The conclusion I am arriving at is that art is not a discrete activity that I partake of when I have or make the time for it. It is something that is tightly intertwined with my physical and spiritual being, it informs my thoughts, vision and actions.  It is not something I need to make time for, because it is a constant companion on my journey. It is infused into my worldview.

There are times when this infusion looks like sitting down in the studio to make a concrete piece of art. But other times, it is about how I see the world, how I think, what I surround myself with.  Art is not something I find the time to do, art is something I live and breathe. As I tell my students all the time, I will not teach you to “do art therapy,” but I will teach you to “be a therapist.” An important distinction, as therapy is not about “doing to” but about “being with.” Likewise, I do not “do art,” I live art. You can too.


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