Coming Around Again

It has been just over a year since I started this blog. My original intent was to hold myself to a commitment to personal art making every single day. How to measure my success or lack thereof? I confess that I have not made art every single day. However, I feel that I met my overarching goal of living a more artful and art-filled life.

I am supremely fortunate to have an arts based job. Just today, I spent over an hour at work on the internet searching for new ideas for my vocational arts program. I marvel at the fact that I get paid for this. Much of my day-to-day work life is spent dealing with staff issues, scheduling and running programming, helping patients, working with interns and just keeping all the plates spinning at our program. But then I get to go to the studio……..happy sigh.

The studio is my breath, my respite, my sanctuary. I am sitting in my home studio right now in all its glorious mess and am so thankful for this space that I have created for myself. Just glancing around I see: an altered book in progress, my Bag O’ Supplies, display cases of jewelry I have made, a design project for my church, shrines, diplomas, beeswax collages, tons of materials organized by type, and the last three pairs of shoes I have worn that are tossed on the floor. Just being in this space reminds me of all that I am doing and could do. I can tell you a story about every single thing in this room.  This room connects me to my larger life. It gives me space to contemplate, ruminate, concentrate and dream. It says “I have plans, I have goals, I continue to accomplish what I set out to do, I give myself permission to have a landing place when I need to rest.”

I hope that you have or can create or find a creative space for  yourself this coming year. It is integral to our identity as artists and therapists and art therapists that we have some creative breathing room for ourselves. We cannot give endlessly without finding a well where we can fill up. I am constantly reminded that I must rejuvenate in order to rise up to life’s daily challenges. I cannot allow myself to get burned out or drained. I must constantly attend to my energy levels, my focus, my numerous passions in order to be present for my clients, friends and family.

May many blessings rain down upon you in this new year and may creativity flow in and through you.


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