Get Off the Couch and Make Art

I was laid low this week by a terrible cold, the worst I have had in recent memory. I spent all of it, 7 days, on my couch in my studio. This couch doesn’t get much use as a couch. Mostly I pile papers and bags on it and use it to hang up my coat. Sometimes visitors to the studio actually  sit on the couch. I got this piece of furniture when I moved to Massachusetts almost 18 years ago. You could say that we go back a ways together. It started living in the studio when I decided that I wanted this to be a cozy and inviting space. Mostly it invited me to fall asleep on it in front of the television. I had 7 whole days to lay on this couch and think about how else I could create a comfortable space for myself while delineating my work space.

That’s really the problem, you see. I can’t have my studio space double as my living room. It is getting way too easy to zone out in front of the television on my cozy couch. This in turn is taking away from my focus on my work that is theoretically supposed to get done in this space. I really don’t need any help distracting myself from my work.

So out went the couch and in came my bookshelves with all of my art books. What were they doing out in the kitchen anyway? Now this studio sends a different message. It says “this is where creative work happens.” It says “roll up your sleeves.” It says “turn off the television and make some art.”

What changes can you make in your environment that will make it more conducive to engaging in your creative work? What is it about your current arrangement that is holding you back? How can you create a nourishing yet stimulating space for yourself?


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