Small Beauties

Back in September, I had a reallllly bad day. I received some upsetting news that left me very agitated. What to do? Go to bed and cry? No, I needed to do something active. The biggest task that lay before me was to plant some 50 -odd bulbs. They had to get in the ground before the first frost.

I dug holes and buried bulbs and stopped every once in a while for a crying jag. My neighbors truly must have thought I had lost my mind. One of my strongest memories of this day was my fervent hope that by the time these bulbs came up I would be in a better place emotionally. I worried that seeing the newly sprung flowers would only take me back to that sorrowful place.

The bulbs are coming up now. And here is the gift:  my grief has transformed. I truly am in a different place, just as I hoped I would be all those months ago. Transported by the beauty of the hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, I am reminded that nothing ever stays the same. As the Little Prince said, “time soothes all sorrows.”

The bulbs came up.


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