Renewing my commitment to myself

I started this blog partly because I wanted to motivate myself to practice my personal art process on a regular basis. I thought that by sharing my process-and my struggles and thoughts about it-along the way I would in a sense hold my own feet to the fire. As many of you creative types can relate to, this ultimately resulted only in being yet another source of guilt.

I have decided to free myself from my self-imposed guilt about not blogging on a regular basis. I’m just going to carry on from this moment and not waste time with that all too familiar sense of not doing enough or being enough.

So, having said all that, here is the latest and greatest in the world of this Altered Art Therapist. Yes, it’s been a bummer of a year in many ways. On the bright side, my colleague and I have run a number of very successful SoulCollage® workshops. We look forward to further developing our offerings in the fall.

Next week I will be in San Antonio, TX presenting at the American Art Therapy Association conference. I am giving two talks. One is on the integration of the Recovery Model and the Open Studio Model and the other is on the clinical applications of SoulCollage®. I am very excited about seeing colleagues, friends and family! In November, my colleague and I will be giving a day long master class on SoulCollage® at the Expressive Therapies Summit in New York City. We will also be presenting on detailed clinical interventions using SoulCollage®.

Even though it sometimes feels that I am not doing much with my art (what IS that about?), when I lay it all out I am actually doing quite a lot. Hmmmm, fodder for another post. Next week I will write in more detail about my topics for the AATA conference.


Taking an Art-filled Vacation

I miss being in art school. Charcoal and paint on my clothes and under my nails. Art history classes by day and long studio sessions at night. The camaraderie with my fellow students as we worked to crank out our masterpieces for the next big critique. The total immersion in art. Next week, I get to go back.

A vacation implies relaxation, freedom from obligations, escaping to a beach or city. My vacation is taking me to the Art Institute of Boston. No beach there. I am taking an intensive residency in printmaking. Geared towards art educators, the course involves paint under my nails, long nights in the studio, fellowship with other artists, visits to the MFA-sounds like heaven to me. While I could definitely use some rest, relaxation and beach time, this is an opportunity I could not pass up.

I have gotten some quizzical looks when I told people of my vacation plans. Why would you want to do that? Don’t you want to get away for a while? Well, yes I would like to get away. That is why I am taking my escape in the form of delving into the art and craft of printmaking. I am returning to my roots in the studio, strengthening and refreshing my artist self, resting my weary brain and body by filling up at the well of art making. I look forward to reporting back to you with my adventures and discoveries. My goals for the week are to complete a solid body of work, make connections with other art educators, and to reconnect with my core sense of self as an artist. If I make progress towards all of these goals, it will be a vacation well spent.

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